When we enter the Center we become one community committed to treating each other and the space with the utmost respect. We turn the Teachings into right action through our empathy and compassion towards others and ourselves.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety, health, and wellbeing of everyone at Wisdom’s Heart. We expect all participants to take responsibility for their own behavior and voluntarily resolve problems.

The following behaviors occurring on the premises of Wisdom’s Heart or offsite at a Wisdom’s Heart event are deemed by the Board of Directors to be unacceptable breaches of behavior.  Such behavior may be grounds for filing of a grievance as described below.  Any guest participant exhibiting unacceptable behavior listed below may be asked to leave the Wisdom’s Heart premises or the Wisdom’s Heart event and may be prohibited temporarily or permanently from the premises or other future events.

                      Disrupting a dharma class or other Wisdom’s Heart program, or threatening to do so

                      Yelling, swearing, threatening, harassing, intimidating, lewd behavior, displaying intense anger

or blatant rudeness toward another person or group

                      Harassing persons or groups through the use of written or electronic media

                      Stealing, misappropriating, or destroying Wisdom’s Heart property or other participants’ property


                      Using, possessing, or selling illegal drugs

                      Physical violence or the threat of physical violence against another person or group

This list is not all-inclusive. Other behaviors or violations may occur and require Board intervention. These will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

When there is a danger to persons at the center, to WH'S property, to the peace and tranquility of WH, to our classes and events, or to the institution itself, Wisdom’s Heart Board of Directors is authorized to take action, as it deems necessary in its sole discretion, to protect the safety of the organization and its community.



A formal grievance procedure is initiated by submitting a letter  of request to the Board that includes:

                      A statement that a formal grievance procedure is requested.

                      The name of the person(s) whose behavior the complaint involves.

                      A detailed description of the alleged behavior.

                      A history chronology of attempts, if any, to resolve the complaint through other means.

                      A general statement about the resolution desired.



The Grievance Committee will be made up of three people selected from Wisdom’s Heart Board members by a majority vote of [the Board OR Officers]. The committee will schedule closed meetings where all parties will be given a chance to present their understanding of the issue(s) under investigation. The committee will document the proceedings. The committee remains under the oversight of the full Board at all times.

The Committee’s primary goal will be to find creative and appropriate ways to help all parties continue to be part of Wisdom’s Heart community. If this process does not lead to a change in behavior, the person(s) will no longer be allowed to attend/participate in any of Wisdom’s Heart events.

All parties will have a full and fair opportunity to respond to all information, whether oral, written, or otherwise gathered by the committee. 

The proceedings, and all pertinent documents, including electronic documents, and all audio or visual recordings (“Documents”) will be held kept confidentially by all parties, not only for the duration of the proceedings, but in perpetuity, unless a court requires disclosure. Notwithstanding this provision, disclosure may be made to current and future members of the Board of Directors, the parties to the proceedings, attorneys for Wisdom Heart and/or the involved parties, family members of the involved parties or other parties with written authorization of Wisdom Heart’s Board of Directors and the involved parties. Prior to disclosure to a third party they will be required to agree to this confidentiality provision.  After a period of seven years, Wisdom Heart’s Board of Directors may, in its sole discretion, authorize the destruction of all Documents in its possession, provided it gives the involved parties 30 days’ notice of said destruction.



This Behavior policy cannot cover all situations where legal or ethical issues may arise and it does not provide all of the information that may be necessary to make informed legal or ethical decisions.



Conflicts will inevitably arise within the Wisdom’s Heart community. The health of our community is not measured by the presence or absence of conflict, rather by our willingness to find effective, responsible, and compassionate resolution of the interpersonal tensions when they arise. The intention to attend to and learn from conflict is a clear application of Buddhist practice in our daily lives.

Buddhist conflict resolution is not based on right or wrong.

It is based on addressing the suffering of all concerned.