While our roots are Buddhist, as spiritual seekers we strive to embrace all authentic spiritual traditions because we have in common the desire to find lasting happiness and meaning in our lives and the lives of those around us.

At Wisdom’s Heart, everything we present is intended to be a practical tool for creating a life informed by ethical living and moral integrity, gaining a peaceful mind and body, and having it all be grounded through developing a wisdom guided by compassion.  And yes, to have fun and be happier.

All of our offerings - be they formal study courses, our new Middle Way Courses developed by our Spiritual Director Lama Marut,  yoga and meditation instruction, retreats, special series or informal gatherings -  all strive to make us better at the task of being freer and better able to serve those at home, work and in our community.


The art of meditation dates back thousands of years and is practiced in all major religions, as well as in secular settings that range from yoga studios to large, corporate boardrooms. At it’s simplest, meditation is a process of training the mind. Meditators can feel more peaceful, focused and happy and can be helped with concentration and medical conditions and to reach spiritual realizations. Mindfulness is a way of taking meditation into our daily lives. Jon Kabat-Zinn, one of the leading teachers of mindfulness, defines it as “moment to moment non-judgmental awareness.” At Wisdom’s Heart, we teach meditation and mindfulness practices in ways that enable you to completely personalize what you do on the cushion and off so that it works in the context of your life.

Please see the Calendar for course descriptions.

Take your practice deeper by going into retreat. Every month or so, we offer one-day retreats at Wisdom's Heart and, several times per year, we offer multi-day residential retreats at different retreat centers with meditation masters who visit Massachusetts to lead retreat.  Check back often for updates!


All movement that expresses or enhances spiritual experiences can be thought of as sacred. Yoga encompasses physical, mental and spiritual practices which help us transform body and mind. Coming traditionally from the South Asian religious traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, Yoga can help us calm an agitated mind. Of the many forms of Tai Chi, some stem from Taoism and Confucianism. At Wisdom's Heart, Tai Chi is taught with a foundation based in Chinese traditions as well as in the Yogic tradition of combining outer movements with inner wisdom to set your practice on fire.

Please see the Calendar for course descriptions.


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Logic helps to develop clear thinking.

Eric Brinkman, author of Easy Logic, notes that one of the classical reasons given in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries for studying logic is "...that you know things that the eyes cannot see." Logic classes and events like Buddhist Debate offered at Wisdom's Heart will help you view your world clearly so that you can see the reasoning you use to make the decisions that shape your life.