Wisdom's Heart is facing yet another chapter of its life.  Please read the this letter to our community written by our Spiritual Director, Lama Marut, and read at the November 20, 12016 Community Meeting.



In 2005, American actress and life-long Cape Ann resident Lindsay Crouse founded a Buddhist educational retreat at the Windhover Center for the Performing Arts in Rockport, MA, to which she invited her teacher, Lama Marut. No one anticipated the impact that the retreat would have and the seeds that would be sown for rooting these spiritual teachings on Cape Ann.

Our first home.

Our first home.

Moved by Lama Marut’s message, one of the retreatants, Phil Salzman, asked Lama Marut how to keep the momentum going in Marut’s absence. Lama Marut guided a small group to start a Sangha, a community of support, which began meeting at people’s homes and in community centers. By 2008, the Sangha incorporated as ACI-Cape Ann and, following the fourth Windhover Retreat, Lama Marut blessed the opening of a local center in Rockport. In 2010, he named Jesse Fallon the first Resident Teacher and Spiritual Advisor (RTSA) at our center on Cape Ann.

As Western students of Buddhism, with the guidance of Lama Marut, our evolution toward a more inclusive and global view of how to live happier and more meaningful lives is reflected by the new name of the center, Wisdom’s Heart, which we adopted in 2012.

In 2014, Rick Blue and Lindsay Crouse, husband and wife, returned to Cape Ann as full-time residents and now serve as our teachers. As long-time students and friends of Lama Marut, Rick and Lindsay have been representing Marut’s vision for Wisdom’s Heart, while fulfilling their deep love for and commitment to Cape Ann.

Throughout these changes, what has remained steadfast is an understanding that the world is a reflection of our thoughts, words and actions. In this way, we embrace the larger Cape Ann community with service to local organizations like The Open Door and The Grace Center and in forging relationships within the interfaith community.


Our new home is not far from our first. Stop by downtown Gloucester. Grab a coffee or dinner. Take in a movie. Walk on one of the beaches, stroll the main street of America's oldest seaport or stop by the oldest working art colony in North America, Rocky Neck. And then come to a dharma class or experience the beautiful spirituality of yoga or be still and find peace through meditation. It’s there for you at Wisdom’s Heart.