Our Mission

Guided by wisdom and compassion, the mission of Wisdom’s Heart is to educate and support individuals and organizations who wish to explore spiritual philosophies and practices of the Buddha, as well as other authentic spiritual traditions, in order to foster lasting happiness. We strive to meet the needs of the community at large by being of service.



Our founder and Spiritual Director is Lama Marut, a former monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Lama Marut is a popular author, lecturer and highly trained western scholar and Sanskritist with over 20 years' experience as an instructor of Comparative Religion in some of America's most prestigious institutions.

For more information, visit lamamarut.org



Wisdom's Heart Senior Teachers are husband and wife Rick Blue and Lindsay Crouse, who are longtime students of Lama Marut and co-founders of the Mahasukha Center in Los Angeles. Rick and Lindsay inspire Wisdom's Heart programming while working with the board of directors to oversee the direction of the organization.



The Board of Directors of Wisdom's Heart is comprised of volunteers who are elected by sitting members of the Board for two-year terms. The Board is responsible for the financial and administrative workings of the organization.

President, Stacey Fisher - can be reached at president@wisdomsheart.org

Treasurer, Kari Freytag - can be reached at treasurer@wisdomsheart.org

Director, Derek Beckwith

Director, Peter Dulong

Director, Anita Pandolfe Ruchman

Director, Claudia Schweitzer