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Lama Marut's BE NOBODY Book Tour

Events for Lama Marut’s Be Nobody book tour in New England

Fri., 6/20 3PM "It’s Like This Now: Living Happily in the Present”, Riverrun Bookstore, 142 Fleet St. Portsmouth, NH

Sun., 6/22 1-2PM “Life as Art, Work as Play: and Vice Versa” Community Center , 8 Broadway St., Rockport, MA

A WISDOM'S HEART EVENT: Mon., 6/23, 7:30-9:30PM “Beyond Individuality: The Great Equality of All Beings”, Temple Ahavat Achim,  86 Middle St., Gloucester, MA

We cling to our uniqueness, individuality, and separateness at the expense of the great commonalities that unite us. Join Lama Marut for a discussion about his new book, "Be Nobody," and learn how to be happier through living a life of selflessness rather than unbridled egoism. 

Tues., 6/24, 7:30PM  “Change You, Change the  World…and Vice Versa”, Kitty’s Restaurant, 123 Main St., N. Reading, MA

SUGGESTED DONATION for all talks is $15.