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Dr. Daniel Brown Ph.D. - An Exploration of Openness and the Foundational Practices of Meditation

  • Wisdom's Heart 2 Duncan Street Gloucester, MA, 01930 United States (map)

Join Dr. Daniel Brown Ph.D. and Gretchen Nelson LPT in this open level course to explore the openness of being and the foundational practices of meditation.

Participants are advised to wear warm, comfortable clothing, and to bring a blanket and mat to lay on. Should participants have a meditation cushion or bench, these are recommended – otherwise, chairs will be available.

Cost: $1200 for the full eight days.

Please visit website for payment options and further details:

Schedule: Day 7
10:00AM - 12:30PM
- The Problem of Artificial vs. Spontaneous Activity of Mind.
- How Making Something Happen or Preventing Something From Happening Obscures Awakened Wisdom.
- The Problem of Conceptualization.
- Review of the Practice as a Means to Set Up Awakened Wisdom.
- Skillfully Identifying and Removing the Obstacles to Awakened Wisdom.
- Protecting Instructions – Real Mindfulness Without Artificial Activity, with Awareness-Itself as Both the Vantage Point of and the Object of Meditation.

2:00PM - 4:30PM
- Continuation of Protecting Instructions.
- Individualized Assessment of Habits of Mind That Obscure Awakened Wisdom.
- Setting Up Meditation; Shifting the Locus to the Ground of Awareness; Practice From the Vantage Point of Awakened Wisdom.

7:00PM - 9:00PM
- Practice That Never Ceases.
- Continuous Awareness of Whatever Arises Moment-By-Moment, Sealed as Empty Upon Arising Made Calm/Set-Free as Empty Upon Arising.