The Dharma, Yoga, meditation, logic, and arts teachers at Wisdom’s Heart are steeped a variety of spiritual traditions. With an appreciation for the teachings of the Buddha as well as other wisdom traditions of the present and past, our teachers strive to meet each student where they are in their spiritual practice, acknowledging the basic equality of all human beings in their desire to find lasting happiness and end their suffering.

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Rick Blue, Co-Spiritual Advisor 
Prior to making the switch from summer resident to full-time Cape Ann resident this year, Rick spent 25 years in Los Angeles working in the TV industry. It was in LA that Rick met Lama Marut, and began an association with Marut as his root teacher.  With Lama Marut he completed both the open and advanced courses of study in the Asian Classics Institute curriculum, as well as graduating with honors in the ACI advanced curriculum at Diamond Mountain University with Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally.

 Rick has been privileged to attend teachings given by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in both the US and India.  Rick and his wife, Lindsay Crouse, created The Summer Retreat, an annual 6-day retreat which just celebrated its 10th anniversary. Rick was a founding member of the Mahasukha Center in Los Angeles and was a Senior Instructor and board member there from its inception.  Upon moving to Cape Ann this year, he and Lindsay accepted the role of Resident Teacher and Spiritual Advisors at Wisdom’s Heart, where they are extremely happy to help usher in this new chapter.

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Lindsay Crouse, Co-Spiritual Advisor
Lindsay completed the Asian Classics Institute teacher-training program in 2004. She has complete advanced Buddhist studies under Lama Marut in Los Angeles and Geshe Michael Roach at Diamond Mountain in Arizona. She has taken teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the United States and India. Along with her husband, Rick Blue, Lindsay also runs an annual summer retreat in New England. She is an Academy Award nominated actress who is committed to changing the violent focus of the American film industry. She uniquely teaches acting classes that incorporate the dharma.



Bob Arnold, Dharma, Meditation, Yoga, Thai Chi and Logic Teacher
Bob has been studying and practicing the principles of Eastern philosophy, meditation and sacred movement since 1982. He is an Essentials Staff Teacher at the Yoga Studies Institute. Bob continues to study with his Heart Teachers, Lindsay Crouse and Rick Blue, and with Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Marut.




Mary Kay Dyer, Dharma and Yoga Teacher
Mary Kay is a life-long educator currently involved in teaching about the spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Christianity. She attended Catholic schools in her youth, has completed the eighteen formal Buddhist Asian Classics Institute courses and the eighteen advanced courses with her teacher, Lama Marut. She has also received teachings from Geshe Michael Roach at Diamond Mountain and from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Mary Kay is a Guiding Teacher at Thoughtful Life Studies of Merrimack Valley. She has given teachings at Wisdom's Heart, the 222 Arts and Wellness Center in Gloucester and at other locations around the world.

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Dave Flynn, Dharma Teacher
Dave Flynn was raised Catholic and became interested in and has voraciously been reading the works of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and other spiritual masters since 2001. He has been teaching meditation since 2009, has been practicing yoga since 1999, and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program with Kim Valeri in 2010. Dave completed the 18 Asian Classics Institute formal courses in 2013 and continues studies with his spiritual teacher Phil Salzman, while immersing himself in the teachings of Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Marut. Dave has served on the Wisdom’s Heart Board since 2012.


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Elizabeth McLindon, Dharma Teacher
Elizabeth has taught in many settings over the past thirty years, including meditation, ergonomics, massage and fine art. Her early roots are in Catholicism, she studied Theravadan Buddhism in the 1990s, and has been practicing Mahayana Buddhism for the past several years. She has completed the Asian Classics Institute’s 18 foundational courses and is a student of Mary Kay Dyer, Lama Marut, and Geshe Michael Roach. She is a massage therapist and artist.




Jenna McTiernan, RYT,  Yoga Teacher

With her enthusiasm and warmth, Jenna promotes a nurturing environment allowing students to practice at all levels. Her classes combine a variety of challenging sequences and postures within a clear foundation of alignment and guided imagery. 

Jenna promotes a non-competitive atmosphere, allowing students to practice exactly where they are. As a regular practitioner of Bhakti Yoga, Jenna also lends her voice by participating in Kirtan gatherings throughout New England.

Jenna is grateful for the influence of her experienced and compassionate teachers from an abundance of traditions. Lindsay Crouse stands alone as her highest teacher and guide. Lama Lindsay consistently offers Jenna generous support and guidance, and has helped her to integrate deeply transformational physical and subtle energetic yoga sequences into her teaching and personal practice.  Both currently & in past years, Jenna has had the opportunity to train with extraordinary yoga & meditation teachers such as: Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling, Shiva Rea, Desiree Rumbaugh, Allison West, Lama Marut, Geshe Michael Roach, Doug Veenhoff & Sharon Salzberg, just to name a few.


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Jennie Meyer, Meditation and Yoga Teacher
Jennie devotes her time to exploring the frontiers of the mind/body/spirit while caring for her three children, cats, dog and guinea pigs with her husband on Cape Ann.

 She holds a Masters of Divinity, teaches meditation, and is beginning to teach yoga while working toward her yoga certification. Jennie has been guided along the way by family, friends and circumstance and by teachers: Lama Marut, Jesse Fallon, Upasaka Culadasa, and Marc. St. Pierre. Jennie had worked resettling Tibetans in the Cambridge/Somerville area, assisting adults with mental illness, and running a big brother/big sister program for Vietnamese Amerasions. She wrote poetry passionately for years and co-ran an open-mic night/featured writer series in Gloucester. Poetry still finds its way up through the cracks of the floor boards on occasion. Jennie enjoys sharing the journey with others on their own way.



Pat O’Brien, Yoga Teacher
Pat O’Brien, Ph.D., has been practicing various forms of Hatha yoga for 25 years. She is a Baron Baptiste certified yoga teacher. She has been meditating for 20 years and has completed Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, which has been globally recognized by mainstream medicine. She also has extensive training in centuries old meditation techniques. Pat is a student of Lama Marut. Her teaching emphasizes connection with the true self and healing. At Wisdom’s Heart, she teaches Gentle Yoga and oversees the Yoga Program. Pat teaches mindfulness and yoga on the North Shore.

Anita Pandolfe Ruchman, Dharma Teacher
Anita Pandolfe Ruchman has been studying mediation since the 1970s. She began Buddhist studies with Lama Marut in 2007 and continues advanced Buddhist studies with Lindsay Crouse and Rick Blue. Anita has been a healing arts practitioner for 40 years and has served thousands of people in her roles as a psychotherapist, RN, childbirth educator, midwife and massage therapist. Since the untimely death of her daughter Nora in 2010, Anita has specialized in grief counseling and healing-from-loss retreats.