You can join one of our Committees. At the bottom of the page is a list of positions to be filled. We also love it when you think outside of the box and offer inspiring ways in which to put your interests, skills and time to work, ways we hadn't imagined yet.


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is charged with website design, coordination of data base, emails, design and dissemination of flyers and other publications, mailings, website updates, and press contacts, as well as providing resources and information to the community at large and connecting newer members with more seasoned practitioners. Contact communications@wisdomsheart.org

Facilities and Hospitality Committee

The Facilities and Hospitality Committee is charged with organizing and managing our center at 2 Duncan St., Gloucester, as well as locating, and coordinating our use of rented facilities for sponsored events. In addition, the Committee is responsible for preparing teaching sites, scheduling welcome and registration, organizing refreshments, and arranging for visiting teacher’s accommodations.

Contact facilitiesandhospitality@wisdomsheart.org

Fundraising and Stewardship Committee

The Finance and Development Committee is charged with organizing fundraising and outreach events to increase financial support for Wisdom's Heart commitments and activities. Specifically, Wisdom's Heart is looking for volunteers with non-profit grant research and writing expertise.

Contact financeanddevelopment@wisdomsheart.org

Program Committee

The Program Committee is charged with organizing, planning and scheduling all program offerings, registration, preparing teaching materials and providing communications content for Wisdom's Heart programs. Contact program@wisdomsheart.org


  • Facilities and Hospitality Committee
    • Committee Co-Chair (4-5 hrs/wk)
    • Greeters to welcome newcomers before the start of events and classes (as needed for classes)
    • People to set up and clean up before and after events and classes. Lots of hands make small work! (as needed for classes)
  • Communications Committee
    • Social Media Coordinator  (2-4 hrs/wk)
    • Graphic Designer (5-10 hrs/mo)
    • Audio/Visual Staff for Ustream and other filming (as needed for classes)
    • Constant Contact email designers (2-10hrs/mo)
    • Editor/proofreader (1-3 hrs/wk)
    • Friends List Coordinator (1-2hrs/mo)
  • Wisdom's Heart Supports The Open Door

Every month, Wisdom's Heart supports a community dinner at The Open Door. Friends - and even friends of friends - of Wisdom's Heart are invited to come together and participate in cooking and serving a meal to guests at The Open Door.

Cooking and serving food can be one of the most heart-felt ways to offer support and well wishes to our Cape Ann community. You don't have to have cooking or serving skills. The Open Door provides opportunities to learn how to tackle all sorts of tasks in a very supportive environment.

There are times to rush around to get things done and also times to watch the food cook and chat with others. It's an opportunity to share meaningful experiences with one and all.

We offer flexible schedules. You can stop by for as little as a half an hour.

When serving others it's your good intention that matters most. Helping others, even in small ways, affirms the precious value of life and the importance of happiness to us all. Please join us for this rewarding experience.

To volunteer for any of these positions or to offer your gifted abilities in ways we haven't yet thought of: